VILOX seeks clarification from CBP regarding import of flooring with LOX click technology into the USA – competitor Unilin submits lawsuit in response

  • VILOX initiated CBP proceedings to address rumors and bring clarity to how VILOX’s click technology relates to ITC General Exclusion Orders concerning flooring imports into the USA.
  • VILOX contends that the timing of Unilin’s lawsuit is a deliberate effort to divert attention from CBP’s ruling and create additional uncertainty regarding VILOX’s technologies.

Helsingborg, Sweden, 26 January 2024: VILOX, a technology company specializing in flooring installation solutions, today announced that the inter parties process between VILOX Sweden AB, Mohawk Industries, Inc., Flooring Industries Ltd. Sarl (Unilin), and IVC US Inc. conducted by US Customs & Border Protection (CBP) will be concluded within a matter of days. The decision concerns the importation of panels with VILOX’s competitively priced and innovative click technology into the USA.

VILOX’s technologies have been under scrutiny in recent years and rumors have caused uncertainties to spread regarding their legitimacy. To address the rumors and seek clarification from American authorities on whether its click system is covered by the General Exclusion Order (GEO) issued in International Trade Commission Investigation No. 337-TA-1155, VILOX initiated CBP proceedings in September 2023. This initiative aimed to promote transparency and enhance the overall understanding of flooring import regulation in the US.

The initiation of a lawsuit by Unilin on January 24, 2024, in a Texas district court introduces new patent infringement allegations. VILOX believes this legal action is an attempt to overshadow the upcoming ruling, creating new market uncertainties, possibly as a means to impede the entry of new technology suppliers, restricting fair competition and posing a disadvantage to the flooring market as a whole. VILOX maintains its stance as an established, serious, and reputable company in the industry, dedicated to maintaining a long-term presence.

Bobby Markovski, CEO of VILOX, expressed his view on the recent development:

“We will carefully review and respond to the recent assertions put forth by Unilin, but one could indeed question the timing of this initiative. As a committed and enduring company, we prioritize fair competition and strive to uphold the freedom for businesses to choose their technology providers.”

VILOX is an R&D and IP company which license technologies within the flooring and furniture industries. The present technology base focuses on fields related to floor and furniture click systems. VILOX’s patent portfolio comprises about 100 patents and a global license base of over 20 licensees in the flooring and furniture industry.”

The parties agree not to publish the terms of the transaction.

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