About us


VILOX’s business objective is to develop and patent new product concepts related to flooring and furniture. We commercialize our technologies through licensing via manufacturers, to end-users worldwide.

Southern Sweden is where several of today’s leading flooring brands are located. Companies such as Välinge, Pergo, Kährs, Tarkett among many others are based here. Even on the furniture side there is none less than IKEA, meaning high expertise in technology, design and patents are gathered within a short distance. This is an idyllic place to run a purely R&D company focusing on flooring and furniture technology.

VILOX was founded by an experienced team including people with long experience from high positions within leading licensing companies of floor clicking systems. The VILOX team consists of visionaries striving for what comes next. R&D, licensing and patent processes make up the core of our many years of combined experience.

Bobby Markovski

Bobby comes from a position as MD and Partner at AWA IPro AB (sister company to AWA, one of Europe’s biggest IP bureaus). The company focused on commercialization of intellectual properties. He was previously employed as CFO and Board member at Välinge, who owns one of the most comprehensive patent portfolios in the flooring industry. With a strong understanding in finance, Bobby remains deeply involved in the management and licensing business issues.

Bengt Rosander

Bengt had vast expertise within drafting and prosecuting patent- and design applications, as well as oppositions and appeals. Furthermore, he was an external patent expert for Unilin while working as Patent Engineer and Design Patent Counsel at Ström&Gulliksson IP AB, (Now Valea Technology & Law), Sweden.

Bosse Engdahl

Bosse has vast expertise within flooring production and mechanical locking systems in particular. He was the first technician at Välinge and is by profession a Machine Engineer. Bosse has been working with click systems since it was first invented in 1994 and is probably one on the most experienced technicians within this field.


Intellectual property

The IP Portfolio consists of trademarks, granted patents, patent applications, design registrations and utility models. All prior development, investments in IP, as well as our market strategy is well aligned and based on a solid IP strategy.

The brand name for VILOX’s flooring technology is LOX® while the brand name for the furniture technology is Furnilox®. The technologies are protected by patents, utility models and design registrations.



Technologies meet ISO and EN standards.

VILOX’s technologies have gone through successful testing on a wide range of flooring panels, varying in material, thickness, length and width over the last years by several of world’s leading global flooring manufacturers.

We use the independent and highly regarded German Institute EPH for all of our product tests.

Thinking about tomorrow

Through innovation we have banished the need for using plastic as a locking element. By using the material’s own attributes our technologies are always made only from the base material itself.

For manufacturers this also means higher production speed, no additional investments in the production line and no running cost for the plastic itself.

We’ve made sure the optimal choice is also the greenest one.


Customer service and supply

To help improve the production efficiency and quality, VILOX works closely with its licensees and provide extensive support. We train and educate in the usage of our technologies and also help with production start-ups as well as continuous production.

We’re in constant development of new innovative products with both production- and cost-efficiency in mind as well as outstanding function. To aid this development a considerable amount of our revenues is reinvested. We aim to continuously support profitable growth and improvement for our licensees.