About us


VILOX’s business objective is to develop and patent new product concepts related to flooring. We commercialize our technologies through licensing to manufacturers worldwide.

Southern Sweden is where several of today’s leading flooring brands are located, meaning high expertise in technology, design and patents are gathered within a short distance. Companies such as Välinge, Pergo, Kährs, Tarkett among many others are based here. This is an ideal place to run a purely R&D company focusing on flooring technology.


VILOX licensing business was founded in 2018 by an experienced team including people with long experience from high positions within leading licensing companies of floor clicking systems. R&D, licensing and patent processes make up the core of our many years of combined experience. Our first click technology patents were granted in 2019, passing without a single objection which is something rarely achieved in our industry. Today that portfolio has grown to around 100 patents, patent applications and design patents, with widespread coverage throughout Europe, Asia, the Americas, Australia and Africa,


The VILOX licensing enterprise is jointly owned by three investment firms, ensuring both rapid expansion and stability in the long term.


VILOX Invest AB is the investment company of the Markovski family. Their most notable operational company is the licensing business of VILOX AB, the R&D and IP company which license its technologies within the flooring industries. The present technology base focuses on fields related to floor click systems. VILOX’s patent portfolio comprises about 100 patents and a global license base of over 20 licensees in the flooring industry.

Muirfield Invest AB

Muirfield Invest is committed to a long-term investment strategy. The company maintains a diversified portfolio that includes strategic investments in both privately held and publicly traded companies, where they frequently assume an active role. Furthermore, Muirfield also holds investments in private equity funds and the real estate sector.

Lintex International Holding Group AB

Lintex Holding Group is the investment company of the af Ekenstam family. Their foremost successful operational company is Lintex, a pioneer in crafting writing boards for educational and corporate spaces. Their products are transformed into sophisticated tools through collaborations with renowned Scandinavian designers, enhancing both functionality and user experience. Founded in 1983 as a family business in Nybro, Sweden, Lintex maintains global prominence with subsidiaries, sales offices, and agents across Scandinavia, Europe, and beyond, solidifying its reputation as a market leader unafraid of embracing distinctiveness and visionary concepts.


Technologies meet ISO and EN standards.
VILOX’s technologies have gone through successful testing on a wide range of flooring panels, varying in material, thickness, length and width over the last years by several of world’s leading global flooring manufacturers.
We use the independent and highly regarded German Institute EPH for all of our product tests.

Green click systems

At VILOX sustainability is not only a commitment but a vibrant part of our identity, symbolized by the lush green hues in our branding. Our dedication to a sustainable future extends to our products, proudly labeled as a “green click system for flooring.” This goes beyond a mere product name—it signifies a promise of eco-conscious choices and responsible manufacturing practices.

The green labeling represents a commitment to reducing environmental impact, promoting recyclability, and embracing a circular economy. Through innovation we have removed the need for using plastic as a locking element. By using the material’s own attributes our technologies for flooring are always made only from the board material itself. For manufacturers this means higher production speed, no additional investments in the production line and no running cost for the plastic itself. We’ve made sure the optimal choice is also the greenest one.

We invite you to explore the innovation and thoughtfulness embedded in each of our click systems, illustrating that sustainable living can be seamless, stylish, and in harmony with the planet. Join us as we redefine the possibilities of sustainability, one click at a time.


LOX is easy to implement in production and VILOX will assist you in every step of the way.

Customer service and supply

To help improve the production efficiency and quality, VILOX works closely with its licensees and provide extensive support. We train and educate in the usage of our technologies and also help with production start-ups as well as continuous production of LOX.

We’re in constant development of new innovative products with both production- and cost-efficiency in mind as well as outstanding function. To aid this development a considerable amount of our revenues is reinvested. We aim to continuously support profitable growth and improvement for our licensees.