VILOX Achieves Success in an Expanding Market; condemns unfair competition

  • VILOX continues to increase its number of licensees and expands its team.
  • VILOX advocates for manufacturers’ right to choose technology.

Helsingborg, Sweden, 22 February 2024: Helsingborg, Sweden – VILOX, a technology company specializing in flooring installation solutions, announced today that it continues its trajectory of growth with new heights in licensee numbers and team expansion. Additionally, the company promotes the manufacturers’ right to choose technology and condemns any action of unfair competition.

Since the founding of the company, VILOX remains committed to fostering healthy competition within the market. The company firmly believes that a thriving industry benefits all stakeholders by driving innovation and improving offerings.
The company strongly opposes strategies that intimidate smaller, innovative rivals, understanding that entities using these tactics place the interests of the dominant party at the expense of manufacturers, importers, distributors, retailers, and consumers alike. VILOX emphasizes the importance of manufacturers having the autonomy to make decisions that align with their best interests, particularly when substantial cost savings, potentially in the realm of millions of dollars, are on the line. 

“We remain undeterred and steadfast against any attempts to hinder our progress. We will continue to advocate for fair competition and uphold the fundamental right of manufacturers to make the decisions that best suit their needs. Any approach that undermines this principle compromises the integrity of the industry as a whole” said Bobby Markovski, CEO of VILOX.

VILOX is an R&D and IP company which license technologies within the flooring and furniture industries. The present technology base focuses on fields related to floor and furniture click systems. VILOX’s patent portfolio comprises about 100 patents and a global license base of over 20 licensees in the flooring and furniture industry.”

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