A water-resistant click that lowers your cost

LOX® for laminate is a one-piece, fold-down/drop lock system developed to also be water resistant. It comes at a favorable license fee compared to similar technologies.

water resistance, the new LOX® standard

An additional barrier just below the surface keeps water from entering further down into the joints. Let your products keep their good looks through the spills and cleanings of everyday use.

make a cheaper, faster and more eco-friendly product
by going one-piece

The LOX® system is made from the board material itself and has no plastic inserts. This means higher production speeds, no insert machinery and no running cost for the inserts themselves.

The way you like it

LOX is meant to inspire creativity to use in any and all patterns, be it parallell, chevron, herringbone, square or any other pattern you can think of.






LOX® LAMINATE Installation

Labels – your mark of quality

Labels are attached to every box of products using the LOX click system. This way you can show your customers that your products are licensed and approved for quality, giving you an advantage over unlicensed products.

VILOX has a portfolio of granted patents.
This means fulfilling all criteria:

Patented technology


Novelty – the invention must not already be known at the time of filing the patent.

Inventive – the invention must differ significantly from what is already known.

Industrial applicability – the invention can be utilized in an industry.

our technologies,
your safety

It is in the best interest of both the customer and licensor to collaborate with technologies that ensure a seamless experience. From our pool of patents, we therefore solely offer a select few technologies. Our focus lies in supporting and protecting our licensees to give you confidence in your choice to partner with us.