Advanced flooring technology - made easy.

Superiority of simplicity

With a ceaseless focus on detail we have developed a new generation among click systems. The elegant and powerful design gives both ease in production for manufacturers as well as a durable, eco-friendly product for the end consumer.

The enhanced design is free from negative angles which eliminates problematic friction after installation. The straight lines also make production a breeze with only four tooling positions needed.

Floor profile

No plastic tongues

The locking profile is made solely from the flooring material itself. The result? Sustainability and efficiency.

A lock with no added plastics makes an eco-friendly product that’s also easier to manufacture.

The way you like it

The technology has been developed with freedom at its core. LOX is meant to inspire creativity to use in any and all patterns. You are provided with the tools to bring your own ideas into reality.

Floor patterns

All-encompassing suitability

LOX has a high compatibility with an abundance of materials. That’s no surprise. With an uncomplicated and durable technology, free from unnecessary flourish the choice of material is whatever suits you the best.

LOX materials

Fast and easy installation

The fold down technology minimizes the necessary steps during installation. When engaged, the lock gives a pleasant tactile feedback paired with a well-rounded click sound. Putting the boards together is an experience for the senses.

Sounds exciting?

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