The future of furniture is here.

Installation is swift and doesn't require any tools

The installation is now something to look forward to. Too bad it's over so quickly. With a simple push the parts click together with a pleasant sound and tactile feedback.

Box pieces

Can only fit in one way

Perfectly aligned every time.

The weight is spread over the entirety of the joint ...

... and the angles are always 90 degrees which promotes higher stability.

Assembled furniture

Promotes new design

Not possible with traditional assembly.

FURNILOX® has a focus on design. No more exposed screws or holes. Mix and match materials however you like - even transparent ones. With no screws, you've got nothing to hide.

Efficiency above all

Flat packages take up less space during transport and reduces the risk of damages to the furniture. They are easily carried to hard-to-reach spaces and be assembled on site.

Flat package

Sounds exciting?

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