VILOX Achieves Success in an Expanding Market; condemns unfair competition

VILOX continues its trajectory of growth with new heights in licensee numbers and team expansion. Additionally, the company promotes the manufacturers’ right to choose technology and condemns any action of unfair competition.

US Customs & Border Protection rules in favor of VILOX regarding LOX click technology against Mohawk, Unilin and IVC

Effective immediately, this ruling frees producers and importers who are compliantly utilizing VILOX’ licensed mechanical locking and adhering to CBP's recent ruling from all obligations linked to the GEO

VILOX seeks clarification from CBP regarding import of flooring with LOX click technology into the USA – competitor Unilin submits lawsuit in response

VILOX initiated CBP proceedings to address rumors and bring clarity to how VILOX’s click technology relates to ITC General Exclusion Orders concerning flooring imports into the USA.

Two investment companies, Muirfield and Lintex, acquire stake in VILOX licensing business

The collaboration with Muirfield and Lintex aims to strengthen VILOX’s position within the licensing sector of the flooring and furniture industry.